Success Story of Sameer Ahmed Najar From Bandipora, J&K

Facing hardships make you strong, but getting the right support and guidance make you stronger! I am Sameer Ahmad Najar, son of late Ab. Ahad Najar residing in Ahamshareef, Bandipora, J&K. Losing my father at a young age forced me to drop out of school as my family went through a financial crisis. A family of six with no steady income and increasing expenses compelled me to start working at a young age. I picked up small jobs to earn money. I was keen to learn and grow. Not knowing where to start, I was struck with the idea of starting my own business. With no money, no education, I felt that I was going nowhere.

Soon, my friend informed me about the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY), a government programme launched for training people in various fields. Under this programme, Mosaic Workskills Pvt. Ltd. had established a PMKK centre at Bandipora and helped people who had dropped out of school to learn new skills. The next day, I went to the Mosaic Centre to find out more about this training programme. On further enquiry, I found out that I could get trained for the job role of a Hairstylist. Hearing about this job role gave me a vision and a mission. I was excited and, began taking baby steps towards becoming a hairstylist.

I am a shy person by nature and take time to mingle with people. By enrolling for this training, I challenged myself. This training has changed my personality, as I learnt more about interpersonal as well as grooming skills during the sessions. My outlook towards life changed dramatically. Mosaic trainers were very good at training and I learnt various hair styling techniques such as haircut, colouring, styling hair using blow drying and finger drying techniques, how to work on different lengths of hair, etc. To add to this, as soon as I completed my training, Mosaic Workskills Pvt. Ltd. helped me to get my Salon in place and, today I am earning Rs. 15,000 per month. Through this training programme, the lives of my family have improved, and we are now financially independent. I look forward to a secured future.

I sincerely thank the Government of India for launching this initiative and Mosaic Workskills Pvt. Ltd. for helping me settle in life and become independent.