Selection/ Empanelment of Training Providers

The selection and empanelment of Training Providers and Training Centres shall be done in line with target allocation methodology. NSDC and SSDM shall be responsible for the selection and empanelment of Training Providers/Training Centres for the Centrally Sponsored Centrally Managed(CSCM) and Centrally Sponsored State Managed (CSSM), respectively

Training Centres empaneled under PMKVY 3.0 shall be allocated the targets. No further subletting of the targets shall be allowed under the scheme

These allocations shall be done with the objective to promote self-sustainability in the Training Centres in the long run. PMKKs and ITIs shall be the preferred vehicle for implementation of the training programmes at district/ block level. Amongst other training partners, preference would be given to partners who have invested in fixed assets and are committed for participation in the scheme for long-term

Specific proposals may be invited for implementation of future skills (industry 4.0 skills)/reskilling/upskilling. In these proposals, partial payment by candidates, corporations, and other sources may be allowed. These proposals can be shortlisted by NSDC/SSDMs and should be approved by PMKVY 3.0 Executive Committee (in case of NSDC) or State Empowered Committee (in case of SSDM)

A transparent selection process should be followed by NSDC/SSDM while selecting Training Providers

Selection and allocation of training targets to PMKKs, Government ITIs, institutions owned by the Central or State Governments, Government universities and Government colleges may be done without undergoing an open request for proposal process. Executive Committee of PMKVY 3.0 may issue the requisite guidelines for allocation of targets to such institutions and/or Approval of Executive Committee of PMKVY3.0 may be made mandatory on case-to-case basis

Sub-contracting, sub-letting, franchisee arrangement of any kind for the targets allocated is not allowed for any Training Provider. The training infrastructure used by the Training Provider including building and equipment should be owned or rented by the Training Providers. Also, key staff such as centre managers and trainers should be on the payrolls of the Training Providers. The NSDC/SSDM will be empowered to take actions on any Training Providers who are found violating this provision of the guidelines. These actions may include target revocation, financial penalties, and blacklisting of Training Provider for the entire scheme duration. No further correspondence shall be tenable in this matter

A concurrent monitoring mechanism shall be put in place to periodically monitor the progress of these centres and unlocking of the assigned target shall be done if the defined performance criterias are met

A Training Provider may be allocated targets under STT-CSCM-PMKVY 3.0 basis eligibility and other conditions for each phase of allocation

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