Will the batch get automatically cancelled if the TC fails to meet the 70 percent attendance compliance requirement within the first 20 days of batch in case the state/district has enforced lockdown?

No batches shall be cancelled in 20 days during the lockdown owing to noncompliance.

How to check compliance status of the ongoing batches?

TC can check the batch compliance status directly from Skill India Portal. Login into SIP with your respective credentials and go to AEBAS. You will find the list of on-going batches along with their attendance status.

How to send organization on-boarding form during lockdown?

Kindly share the scanned and attested copy of the form @ aebashelpdesk@nsdcindia.org.

You shall receive the username credentials in 3-5 working days.

(Note: Team will conditionally process the on-boarding as of now. New TCs must send the hardcopy of the form once the lockdown is called off. Failing to do so might result in temporary de-activation of your skill attendance portal.)

TC is unable to login into their Skill Attendance Portal?

Kindly send the TC name/TC URL along with the query from your registered Nodal officer email address to aebashelpdesk@nsdcindia.org

TC is unable to register the candidate due to “Aadhaar already exist” error?

TC must send a consolidated sheet of the candidates with their Aadhaar no. and a screenshot of the error “Aadhaar already exist” to aebashelpdesk@nsdcindia.org .

When will the 1st Tranche payment be released to the TCs?

T1 payment will be released once the 70% attendance compliance has been achieved.

TC completed 70% attendance but still the batch got auto cancelled. Why?

Batch cancellation is an automatic process. However, it is mandatory to check if the SIP id of every candidate enrolled on the AEBAS Skill Attendance portal is updated on the or not. If the SIP id of the candidate is not updated the SIP portal will not be able to sync the attendance and ultimately resulting in low attendance. Kindly contact aebashelpdesk@nsdcindia.org for further details.

Candidate is marking attendance, but it is not showing on their respective TC AEBAS Skill attendance portal. Why? 

For such issues, TC must check if the candidate is enrolled with the previous organization or not. In order to do so, TC must follow the below steps: 

  • Login into the skill attendance portal. 
  • Go to Manage employee>> Active Employee>> "Enter attendance id">> Check if candidate is showing on the portal.
  • If the candidate is not visible in Active employee, kindly repeat the same process in Employee new request tab. 

If the candidate is not showing on your skill attendance portal, kindly share the Aadhaar details to aebashelpdesk@nsdcindia.org & Raise your concern, as this could be an issue pertaining to transfer-out/in candidate. Team will process the request and acknowledge. Post which you will be able to see the candidate attendance on your portal.

Note: Previous day attendance won't be populated and it will considered as null and void as the attendance marked was for a different organization.

If you don't find your answer then contact to support team