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27-Jul-2022 Notice Surprise inspection of candidates under Short term Training (STT) of GSCM component of PMKW 2016-20 through call verification. English
21-Jun-2022 PMKVY 3.0 Notice regarding Closure of assessments after classroom training under Customized Crash Course Programme for COVID Warriors -PMKVY 3.0 (CSCM) English
20-May-2022 PMKVY 3.0 Notification for Pending Assessments under PMKVY 3.0 CSCM STT, SP and RPL English
19-May-2022 Notice Notice of RFP Cancellation and Refund of Application Fee English
02-May-2022 Notice Notice regarding NCVET order for Retailers Association's Skill Council of India (RASCI) English
29-Apr-2022 English Minutes of the 2nd meeting of the Steering Committee for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 3.0 (PMKVY 3.0) including Skill Hubs Initiative (SHI) English
18-Apr-2022 PMKVY 3.0 List of Blacklisted/ Suspended – Assessor and Assessment Agency English
06-Apr-2022 Notice Final Window Closed for Conducting Assessments Under PMKVY2.0 English
21-Mar-2022 Notice Extension of Request - Refund of Application fee to TP Applicants under RFP - STT in PMKVY 2.0 (2019-20) English
15-Mar-2022 Notice Refund of Application fee to TP Applicants under RFP - STT in PMKVY 2.0 (2019-20) English
14-Mar-2022 PMKVY 3.0 AEBAS Notice for MoE Institutions and JSS English
03-Mar-2022 Notice Mandatory Implementation of Aadhaar enabled Biometric Attendance System(AEBAS) English
03-Mar-2022 English Attendance through AEBAS under Skill Hub Initiative-March 10th,2022 English
09-Feb-2022 Notice Important Notice on TC Self-Assessment (Virtual Verification) for Skill Hub Initiative (SHI) Under PMKVY 3.0 English
09-Feb-2022 Notice Notice regarding Final Window for Closure of Pending Assessments and Reassessments under PMKVY 2.0 CSCM 2016-2020 English

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