Success Story of Sehran Sharma From Delhi

Working in the retail sector can prove to be very challenging. The domain requires one to pay close attention to customers in order to understand and service their fashion choices, a task that can often present one with difficult situations. An employee’s personality both carries and represents the brand. Sehran Sharma, from Delhi, found these aspects of the job appealing and exciting.

“It has been my dream to work as a retailer, get in touch with various types of people, and assist them in their fashion choices, but I lacked the skill set. I received inspiration from my father, who is also a retailer but in a small shop in Khanpur. I have seen him struggle throughout his life and seen him succeed. When I used to visit him in his shop, just the idea of him assisting customers in their choice of clothing intrigued me. However, his earnings weren’t enough for a family of four. So, I decided to pursue a correspondence course instead of going for a regular course. To support my education, I worked as a teacher for the 5 th standard students.”

After graduating, she started working on a target-based salary, but she never received her salary on time and was deeply discouraged. She got married at the age of 28, but adversity was awaiting her. As soon as she got married, her husband met with an accident; his ribs were fractured and his right hand stopped functioning. She then became the sole breadwinner.

Once a mobilisation camp was being held in her area, that’s when she came to know about the free course being offered for retail under the PMKVY scheme. She immediately jumped at the opportunity and joined the Certificate course for Retail Trainee Associate at PMKK, Delhi (Learnet Skills).

During her theoretical training, she was taught through multimedia content which detailed out important terms and other topics required for the job role. Training modules also included how to effectively plan and prepare visual merchandising displays, effectively dress visual merchandising displays, improvement of displays, managing customer queries and supporting them with their requests. The training activity also included role plays where trainees enacted scenarios. This helped the trainees to understand the customer engagement in a more efficient manner. To ensure a 360-degree development, domain training was supplemented with modules in functional English, Digital Literacy and Life Skills.

After the training she was placed in Future Lifestyle Fashions Pvt. Ltd. for an annual package of Rs. 1.6 Lakhs. After six months she received an offer from Uniqlo, one of Asia’s largest casual-wear retailer from Japan, for a whopping package of 3 lakhs per annum. She simply could not believe her luck. Her good performance and zeal to succeed is constantly appreciated by the employers.

Sehran’s story is simply an example of passion; if one has within themselves the strength, patience and passion, there is nothing that can stop them from reaching the stars. The ‘remuneration’ for her hard work is not just the monthly package she earns, but the smiles on her family’s faces.