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SMART Helpline: 18001239626

NSDC TP Helpline: 1800-123-9626

Quick Linkks
  • How does an organization start Biometric Attendance System (BAS) for their Candidate ?

    Please submit details of the nodal officer and upload a signed request by the head of the department on portal. System would send OTP to the mobile number/email id of the nodal officer which needs to be entered again on the portal for verification. Back-end administrator would then check the details of the organization submitted and make the organization active by assigning it a unique sub-domain which will be the first name of the website. Nodal officer will then be sent an email by the system giving username (which will be the sub-domain name assigned to the organization) and a password.

  • How does Candidate start registering on the portal ?

    After nodal officer completes step 1 & 2, Candidate can start registering on-line either at by submitting their details along with their Aadhaar number.

  • What are steps of verification of Candidate ?

    Nodal Officer would need to verify details submitted by candidate including whether Aadhar number entered by the candidate belongs to them. After completing of the above verifications, candidate would be informed by SMS/Email that his registration process is completed on the is completed.

  • Whether a Candidate will be able to mark his attendance on any Biometric Attendance System (BAS) terminal installed in any Government Building ?

    Yes, this will be  possible as candidate database for all central Government Candidate will be maintained centrally with a unique 6 digit id provided for every Government Candidate (based on the last 6 or first 6 digits of his/her Aadhar number whichever is available in the system). The dashboard reports would be able show the location/building from where a candidate has marked his attendance.

  • How will a Candidate mark attendance if he/she is not having Aadhaar number ?

    Aadhhar number is essential for registering a candidate in BAS. Candidate who do not have Aadhaar number can enroll themselves for Aadhaar numbers in the special camps which are being held by UIDAI in various Government Buildings or permanent enrolment centres of UIDAI across the country.

  • No of bio-metric terminals required

    Every Candidate will need to enter his 6 digit unique id on the touch screen of the tablet and then present his bio-metric (finger print/ iris) for authentication. This may initially take up to 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on number of attempts required. With some practice and training, the time  for giving bio-metric attendance by each Candidate may reduce to less than 10 seconds. Therefore one bio-metric terminal may be sufficient for about 30 to 40 Candidate during 30 minute peak load time. Assuming 50% to 70% Candidate will be coming to training center during the peak timings, one bio-metric terminal can be planned for catering to every 50 Candidate in the department. Also, multiple machines will be put in the entry gate which can be commonly used by Candidate of different ministries/departments, waiting time in the queue will further reduce.

  • Where to install tablet based terminals ?

    It is suggested to install multiple BAS terminals at the entry gates of the buildings where security is positioned round the clock.

  • Where can one download the AEBAS Manual ?

    The manual can for AEBAS can be downloaded from

  • How many days does it takes to process the form ?

    Once NSDC receives the form it takes about seven to ten working days to process the form. 

  • On boarding has been completed, when will the credential for login be received ?

    Once the center completes the onboarding, the login credential are sent to the registered nodal officer ID in four working days.

  • The login credential has not been received after four working days of completing the on boarding.

    In case login password has not been received kindly send an email from registered nodal officer email id along with scanned copy to ; ; Ritesh Chaurasia with a cc to

  • what should be done in case nodal officer changes ?

    In case nodal officer changes mail to be sent to ; ; with a cc to from registered mail id of nodal officer with updated scanned form of onboarding.

  • Students biometric is showing as mismatched ?

    In case the issue persist request the candidate to update the biometric attendance at the nearest Aadhar Kendra. 


    Important Acronyms


    PMKVY Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana
    NSDC National Skill Development Corporation
    SMART Skill Management and Accreditation of Training centres
    TP Training Partner
    TC Training Centre
    SDMS Skill Development Management System
    OTP One Time Password
    SPOC Single Point of Contact
  • What are the steps to be completed by the nodal officer to start registration of Candidate ?

    Nodal officer would need to login on with the user name and password sent on completion of step 1 and then create master list of locations of their offices, designation of in their offices and divisions/units/groups within their organisation.

  • Is network connectivity essential for marking attendance ?

    Yes, as it is an online attendance system. Network connectivity will be essential for marking attendance. Therefore, two types of connectivity are being planned with each attendance terminal; one wi-fi connectivity on NICNET/broadband and other sim based GSM connectivity in the tablet.


    At a high level the overall solution has two main components:


    • Front End System (to be installed at client user end)
    • Back End System (attendance servers to be hosted in NIC data centre with connectivity to UIDAI for real-time bio-metric authentication)


    The Front End System would be a hardware device like Android tablet or a Desktop PC having client application. Once the user ID (6 digit unique number assigned to a Candidate) is entered, the application would prompt user to provide the biometric data through finger print/Iris scanner which will be sent through the network connectivity to the backend system.


    The Back End System (also called the attendance server) would have functionalities to receive data from the client terminals and send it for real-time Aadhaar authentication. It would also have features for organisation/Candidate registration and preparing real-time attendance reports in dashboard.


    It would be possible to see dashboard reports of each organisation by using sub-domain assigned to an organisation



  • What type of reports will be available on dashboard ?

    Some of the sample reports can be viewed at and Attendance software is being developed with assistance of UIDAI team. Please send your valuable feedback in improving the features and MIS reports of the attendance system software.

  • What is the role of nodal officers in the ministries ?

    Nodal officers will get the details of all Candidates entered on the portal and also organise special camps in their Bhawans with help of UIDAI regional office, Delhi for enrollment of Candidates not having Aadhaar numbers. Nodal officers would also be responsible for creating masters of location, designation and divisions/groups within their organisation. Verification of candidate data will also be done by the nodal officers of the department whereas QC team of UIDAI will be assisting in verification of Aadhaar data of candidate. You are welcome to send feedback and suggestions in helpdesk-attendance[at]nic[dot]in

  • Error Code description

    300 Biometric data did not match.

    500 Invalid encryption of key.

    502 Invalid encryption of PID.

    511 Invalid PID XML format.

    561 Request expired.

    562 Timestamp value is future time (value specified “Pid->ts” is ahead of authentication server time beyond acceptable threshold).

    800 Invalid biometric data.

    811 Missing biometric data in CIDR for the given Aadhaar number.

    997 Biometric corrupt at UIDAI.

    998 Template not in Aadhaar. Try after 15 minutes after first Try.

    1201 ASA Connectivity Lost to UIDAI.

    1204 No Response UIDAI.

    1205 Delay in response from AUA/ASA to UIDAI.

    9901 Technical Error.

    9902 User Not Registered.

    9903 Invalid Device.

    9904 Delay in response from AUA/ASA to UIDAI.

    9904-A Delayed Reply from AUA/ASA.