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Quick Linkks
  • What is the process of changing an assessment agency ?

    Skill Council should connect with NSDC and provide them the following:

    • Reasons for change of the assessment agency. 
    • Batch wise Date of assessment as per Skill Development Management System.
    • The start / end date of the concerned batch. 
    • Declaration from previous assessment agency on the reasons for non-conduct of assessments
    • Based on the reasons, further documents may be required.
  • How many days does the Sector Skill Council get to assign an Assessment agency to a batch ?

    Sector Skill Council should assign assessment agency within 2 days of batch approval.

  • How many days does the Sector Skill Council get to approve results for an assessment ?

    Sector Skill Council (SSC) should approve result on SSC portal within 2 days of result approval by Assessment agency.

  • How can the Sector Skill Council monitor the performance of a specific assessment agency ?

    It is the responsibility Sector Skill Council to control and monitor the overall performance of the assessment agencies. They shall develop a mechanism to track/monitor and evaluate the performance of their empanelled assessment agencies. The Sector Skill Council should internally set operational protocols for their assessment agencies including the protocols for the day of assessment. They should also periodically conduct surprise visits to the Training Centres on the day of assessment to check the authenticity of the assessments.

  • What is the process for changing assessment date ?
    • Training Partner/Training Centre will connect with the concerned Sector Skill Council mentioning the specific reasons for the required change.
    • Sector Skill Council will make sure the reasons stated are valid
    • Post validation and approval, Sector Skill Council shall connect with NSDC’s PMKVY assessment team requesting for change of date along with reasons thereof.
    • JIRA to be raised by the Sector Skill Council. 
    • PMKVY’s vertical head and IT Head to accord approval post which changes would be made in Skill Development Management System (SDMS)
  • What If Training Partner/Training Centre are holding the batches for assessment ?

    The Sector Skill Council should track the assessments on a regular basis and in case the assessments are not being conducted on the given date, the Sector Skill Council can reach out to NSDC on