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  • What is the role of assessment agency as per PMKVY 2016-2020 ?

    The assessments will be conducted by the empaneled Assessment Agencies (AAs), identified by respective Sector Skill Council or National Board for Skill Certification (NBSC).The Assessment Agencies shall ensure appropriate number of Training of Assessor (TOA) certified assessors are empaneled across regions and Sectors. They are also responsible for ensuring timely receipt of login credentials to the certified assessors. The assessment agencymustprovide correct details of the assessor including their Name, Aadhar number, alternate ID in case the Assessor belongs to North east and or Jammu and Kashmir, 1 valid and correct email ID of the assessor and the sectors the Assessor is involved in.The Assessment Agency will be responsible for ensuring correct result upload by the assessor on the assessor Portal leading to minimum scope of human error. Post the result is uploaded by the assessor, the assessment agency shall verify candidate result including correct marks upload, verifying relevant fields not left blank or mismatched etc. In situations, wherein incorrect data is uploaded, and the results approved by the Sector Skill Council, the assessment agency shall be primarily considered responsible.

  • How is an assessment agency empanelled under PMKVY 2016-2020 ?

    Each Sector Skill Council defines their own empanelment criteria which are based on factors such as geographical coverage, financial capacity, human resources, subject matter expertise etc.

  • How do the Assessment agency receive their login credentials ?

    The assessment agency shall receive their login credentials after getting empanelled with the concerned Sector Skill Council, wherein the credentials are requested from NSDC’s Skill Development Management System (SDMS) team post approval from Sector Skill Council and NSDC business team.

  • How many days do I get to assign an assessor to a batch ?

    Assessment agency should assign an assessor within 2 days of receipt of batch from Sector Skill Council. 

  • How many days do I get to approve results for an assessment ?

    Assessment agency should approve result on Assessment agency portal within 2 days of result upload by assessor.

  • Can the Assessment agency ask for change of results due to erroneous upload once the results are approved by the Sector Skill Council ?

    In case of erroneous upload of the results

    • The Assessment Agency shall ensure appropriate checks before approving the same.
    • In cases wherein, the Sector Skill Council has also approved the results, certificates are downloaded and the result upload error comes into notice, the Sector Skill Council concerned should seek appropriate approvals from the CEO, Sector Skill Council governance and vertical head at NSDCwith appropriate justifications.