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  • How many assessment agencies can an assessor work with ?

    As Assessors are freelancers in the system, they may choose to work with multiple Assessment Agencies for the Job roles they are certified in.

  • How many days do I get to upload results for an assessment ?

    Assessor should upload result on Assessor portal within 3 days of conduct of assessment

  • How does the Assessor receive login credentials for the Assessor Portal ?

    The login credentials for the assessor portal are generated by the respective Sector Skill Council post the receipt of assessor details from the concerned assessment agency.

  • Who is responsible for ensuring that assessor receives login credentials for the assessor portal ?

    An Assessment Agency remains responsible for end to end coordination in ensuring timely receipt of assessor portal login credentials to the assessor within 1 month of receipt of the batch from Sector Skill Council.

  • Is there any limit/constraint on number of assessments an assessor can conduct per day ?

    A single assessor should not conduct assessments in multiple/distant locations on the same day.

  • How many days before the date of assessment am I supposed to inform the Assessment Agency if I cannot conduct an assessment ?

    The assessor should inform the assessment agency at least 7 days prior the date of assessment if he/she is unable to conduct the assessment specifying their reasons.

  • What is the role of an assessor during the day of assessment ?

    The assessor must ensure conduct of assessments based on the requirements and methods outlined in the assessment criteria. He/she should validate the training centre details with the details on Skill Development Management system (SDMS) and inform the same to the Sector Skill Council in case both the addresses don’t match. The assessor must conduct assessments in a fair manner, and must provide relevant feedback to candidates and Training centres. He/she shall carry an ID Proof and conduct the assessment in local language wherever possible. While assessing, the assessor will also review the evidence submitted by the candidate i.e. their attendance, confirm the identity of the candidate, physical verification of the documentation provided (Aadhar card or other valid Identity proof).
    The results shall be uploaded by the assessor within 3 days of conduct of assessment on the assessor portal/app.

  • Where should I contact in case technical glitches are encountered with respect to result upload ?

    In such cases:

    • Inform the respective assessment agency.
    • The Assessment Agency should raise a JIRA with support from relevant Sector Skill Council.