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  • What are candidate level assessments ?

    Candidate level assessments are the assessments that are conducted by trained, certified and third party empanelled assessors (through training of assessors -ToA)

  • Who is eligible for assessments under PMKVY 2016-2020 ?

    All candidates who have successfully enrolled and completed the PMKVY training at the PMKVY training Centre with at least 70% attendance becomes eligible to appear for assessments.

  • Who conducts assessments ?

    The responsibility of assessments lies with the third-party Assessment Agency empanelled by the Sector Skill Council (SSC) which shall provide fair and reliable services in a timely manner. 

  • How do I know if I have passed / failed in assessments ?

    A candidate can contact their respective training Centre to seek NOS wise detailed marks received. In case the Training Centre/ Training Partner denies provision of results for 15 consecutive days, the candidate may reach out to the concerned Sector Skill Council(details for which are provided in the annexure).

    The assessment criteria applicable as per PMKVY 2016-2020 is defined below:

    NSQF level  Cut Off (Technical QPs) Cut Off (Non-Technical QPs)
    1,2 and 3 50% 50%
    4 and above 70% 70%
  • What happens if I fail in assessment ?

    If a candidate fails, the assessment then s/he can reach out to the Training Centre.


    • The Training Centre can apply for the reassessment within 15 days of the declaration of the results. The Training Centre must ensure conduct of re-assessments within 3 months of the date of declaration of previous results.
    •  The candidate can choose to re-enrol in the same or different job role provided there is a 6 months gap between date of result declaration and batch start date of the new job role. 
  • Do I need to pay assessment fees ?

    Under PMKVY 2016-2020, the entire training and assessment fees is paid by the Government of India.

  • Who is eligible for certification ?

    All the candidates who pass theassessments and/or reassessment for specific job role(s) are eligible for a graded certificate.

    NSQF level  Percentage required for passing a QP
    1,2 and 3 50%
    4 and above 70%
  • What is the process for a candidate to get a certificate ?

    The candidate will receive the hard copy of the certificates from their respective Training Centre or

    Training Partner after the results have been approved by SSC and Certificates are downloaded by the Training Centre or Training partner.

  • Whom do I connect if I don’t get a certificate ?

    The candidate must connect with the concerned Training Partner or Training Centre for queries related to certificates. However, in case of non-receipt of the Certificates by the Training Centre or Training Partner, the candidate may further connect with the concerned Sector Skill Council.The email ID’s of SSC Assessment SPOC’s are available in the annexure.

  • Who approves the results ?

    The results are first approved by the Assessment agency and the final approval is accorded by the Sector Skill Council, post which the Certificates can be downloaded after 24 hours of the approval.

  • Is there a reward money that a candidate gets after receiving a certificate? If yes, how much ?

    All passed and certified candidates shall be awarded INR 500 under the scheme, however, candidates scoring 30% or less shall only be awarded with a mark sheet.