Student Helpline: 8800055555

SMART Helpline: 18001239626

NSDC TP Helpline: 1800-123-9626

Quick Linkks
  • When will Monitoring team conduct a surprise visit ?

    Monitoring team can conduct a surprise visit at any working day since the start of training for a center.

  • At what time a visiting inspector will visit a center ?

    Visiting Inspector will have the details of batch timing for a particular center and will visit during batch hours to check compliance to PMKVY 2016-20 guidelines.

  • What are the parameters which is checked by visiting Inspector ?

    A visiting Inspector will check the infrastructure declared by the training center on CAAF as well as other mandatory compliance to PMKVY 2016-20 guidelines

  • What are the actions taken against discrepant centers ?

    A discrepant center will be issued a Show Cause Notice on which he has to submit evidences against issues mentioned in the show cause notice. Internal Monitoring Committee which is empowered to take action against discrepant centers analyses the responses of the center as well as the observations of the inspector and takes action basis Penalty Grid which is available on PMKVY official website.

  • What happens to the training center when a show cause notice is issued ?

    Once a show cause notice is issued, the payments as well as SDMS login of the discrepant centers are put on hold. The same will be released if the IMC recommends warning/compliance/no action for the training center. If IMC recommends suspension/blacklisting of training center, the SDMS login will be disabled and payment of the batches running on the day of the visit or future batches (either tranche 1 paid or invoice for tranche 1 received) will be recovered from future payments

  • What are the responsibilities of training partner and training center if a show cause notice is issued and the training center is suspended ?

    According to the Penalty Grid, TP to be responsible for completing training of the ongoing batches for the TC(s) without any future payments. In case TP does not complete ongoing batches, it will attract a penalty of 100% of the amount. Amount to be adjusted in future payments made to TP.

  • How do I respond to a Show Cause notice ?

    Once a Show Cause Notice is issued, it’s the responsibility of TC/TP to submit all the evidences like CCTV footage, date and time stamped photographs, required documentation etc. available for the day of visit to the Monitoring team. Show Cause Notices should be considered of utmost importance and should be responded with all the evidence available timely to avoid delay in IMCs decision.

  • Does monitoring team consider other evidences in resolving cases apart from Inspector's report ?

    Apart from the inspector report other evidences which are not limited to TC/TP evidences, Call Validation, AEBAS records, OBD etc are also considered.