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  • What is the definition of placements under PMKVY 2016-2020 ?

    A candidate is considered to be placed if the candidate fulfils the following conditions:


    • Candidate is certified and placed
    • Candidates is placed within 90 days of certification
    • Candidate is in continuous employment (wage or self-employment) for 3 months
    • Candidates placed in wage employment are earning atleast equal to or above minimum wages as defined by the state employment guidelines
  • How can I upload the placement data on SDMS Placements Portal ?

    The Placement Officer is required to sign up and generate the portal login credentials.


    • Login to Placements Portal using placement officer credentials through the following link.
    • Select relevant details such as batch assessment date, training type etc to view batch wise candidate list
    • Select the candidate whose placement details have to be entered into the system


    Please note:


    • Placement details of all assessed candidates can be entered into the system
    • Candidates are mandated to be tracked for a period of 12 months on the portal. However, placement payout(20% Tranche) is subject to validation of the first 3 months of continuous employment of certified and placed candidates.
    • Refer to the appended SDMS Placement Manual for further details
  • What should be the frequency of Upload of placement data on the Placement Portal by the training provider ?

    Upload of placement data must be a continuous and on-going process, subject to receipt of mandated documents as detailed in PMKVY 2016-2020 Placement Guidelines.

  • When is the Training Provider eligible for 3rd Tranche Payment (20% related to placement payout) ?

    The financial disbursements for tranche 3 (placement related pay-outs) are calculated batch wise. The following conditions are mandated to be met for the eligibility*:


    • Candidate should be certified and placed
    • Candidate should be placed within 90 days of certification
    • Minimum 50% of certified candidates should be placed, in which minimum 50% candidates should be placed in wage employment (flexibility for agriculture job roles, and others, as defined in the guidelines)
    • Candidates should be placed at least equal to or above the minimum wages as defined by the employment guidelines of that particular state.(applicable for placement in wage employment)
    • Candidate should be in continuous employment for a period of first 3 months with the same or another employer. Continuity may be under wage employment, or self employment, or a mix of both.


    Please note:


    • Placement of reassessed candidates will not be considered for tranche 3 disbursements/ placement related incentives
    • The cycle of financial disbursement is bi-annually i.e. January – June and July to December
    • The data of placed candidates should be uploaded month on month as per the mandatory documents mentioned in PMKVY 2016-2020 Guidelines
    • All the mandatory conditions mentioned above must be met for the TP to be eligible for tranche 3 disbursement
    • Disbursement of tranche 3 is based on successful and satisfactory validation of eligible candidates by NSDC
  • What are the implications of low placements post training and certifications ?

    Placements is a critical outcome of PMKVY 2016-2020. It is imperative that Training Providers strive to attain minimum 50% placement of certified candidates. Failure to attain placement records will lead to non-payment of 20% tranche, and non-allocation of training targets in the next cycle.

    In addition, corrective actions will be taken as per the discretion of NSDC in case of low placements.

  • How can the Training Provider ensure maximum placements ?

    Training Providers must seek for target allocation, and subsequently mobilize candidates based on the demands of the market in the said geographical location.The Placement Officer should initiate tie ups with industry lead employers, as well as local employers which would be able to furnish the required documents as per PMKVY 2016-2020 Placement Guidelines.